our infertility timeline

Our journey so far . . . 

· March, 2006: here we go!  I finally talked DH into starting to “TTC”

· September, 2006: started charting (cycle 8 )

· January, 2007: started cycle 13, cheated a little and asked for a referral to see an RE

· March, 2007: info meeting at fertility clinic, completed 7dpo progesterone, HSG, and first semen analysis (SA)

· May, 2007: looks like our problem is male infertility (MFI), if sperm count and motility don’t improve we’ll have to do IVF/ICSI, DH sent for second SA and blood work

· July, 2007: DH started taking 50mg of clomid everyday (to increase hormone levels and hopefully increase sperm count, volume, and motility)

· October, 2007: 3 months after starting clomid (and after normal hormone levels in August and September) DH went for third SA, got a referral to see the urologist

· November, 2007: DH saw the urologist, no determined cause for the MFI, so we’re saving up $15,000 for IVF/ICSI

· March, 2008: since we’re waiting a while to do IVF, I asked the RE if I could have my day 3 FSH and E2 checked, for some “peace of mind”, results came back NOT good, will get levels checked again, DH also sent for blood work and another SA

· April, 2008:  I get to do a clomid challenge test next cycle to get a better idea of how bad my FSH is, since DH’s last SA came back better, we’re also going to try IUI next cycle.  If my FSH continues to be high the RE said I might go straight to IUI with injectibles (as long as sperm count stays up).

· December, 2008:  We’re done trying to get pregnant.  We’ll move on to adopt from foster care, when we’re ready. 

·February, 2009: Introductory foster care classes through the county we live in.

Test results . . .  (not that anyone else particularly cares about the details, but it’s a good place for me to keep track of everything) 

· HSG (4/11/07)       All clear! Possible polyp in one tube

· SA #1 (3/29/07)  Volume: 1.0 ml   Count: 5 million/ml  Motility: 0% rapid; 10% slow; 90% nonprogressive/inmotile   Morphology: 35% normal

· SA #2   Volume: 1.5 ml  Count: 3 million/ml  Motility: 10% rapid; 20% slow; 70% nonprogressive/inmotile  Morphology: 30% normal

· DH blood work (6/1/07)  Testosterone: 214  LH: 2.9  FSH: 1.8

· DH blood work (9/27/07) on clomid  Testosterone: 713  LH: 7.5  FSH: 6.1

· SA #3 (10/22/07) after 3 months on clomid  Volume: 1.0ml  Count: 2.5 million/ml  Motility: 0% rapid; 60% slow; 40% nonprogressive/inmotile  Morphology: 60% normal

· Day 3 FSH, E2 (3/13/08 )  FSH: 14.4 mIU/ml E2: 29 pg/ml

· DH blood work (3/21/08 ) Testosterone: 394  LH: 3.7 mIU/ml  FSH: 1.6 mIU/ml

· SA #4 (4/4/08 )  Volume: 1.5 ml   Count: 16.2 million/ml  Motility: 20% rapid; 20% slow; 60% nonprogressive/inmotile   Morphology: 58% normal

· Day 3 FSH, E2 (4/7/08 )  FSH: 7.1 mIU/ml E2: 30 pg/ml

· Day 3 FSH, E2 (5/2/08 )  FSH: 11.2 mIU/ml E2: 27 pg/ml  (before clomid challenge)

· Day 10 FSH, E2 (5/9/08 )  FSH: 10.2 mIU/ml E2: 305 pg/ml  (after clomid challenge)



  1. I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of it. If you do have to resort to IVF, have you thought about going abroad at all? I was checking out a few international sites–I think there was one in Prague that looked fairly legitimate. If you can find a clinic you’re comfortable with, the cost can be significantly less than the US (less than half, even). Good luck to you.

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