about me

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant in March, 2006.   We started seeing an RE in March, 2007; basic testing showed that we were dealing with male factor inftertility.  My husband started taking clomid in July, 2007; it helped normalize his hormone levels, but didn’t help any with sperm count.In November, 2007, it was decided that we were on hold until we could save up enough money for IVF/ICSI.  In March, 2008, I asked the RE to check mt FSH level, since we thought it still might be a while before we could do IVF (it was never checked in the basic infertility workup because I was under 30 – the clinic I was going to doesn’t routinely test for FSH unless a woman is over 35).  My FSH came back at 14.4, and all of a sudden the odds were against us.  We did one IUI with injectibles in June, 2008 (mostly to see how I would respond to the meds).  And then we were back to trying to figure out how to pay for IVF, now with the added time pressure.  In December, 2008, we decided we were done trying to get pregnant – the hardest decision I have ever made.

Right now we’re working to become licensed for foster care.  We’ll see where life takes us from here…



  1. Rosa and some of the other gals on LP have been wondering about you lately… especially since you haven’t been updating your blog much… hope you’re doing ok…

  2. Please don’t give up hope……I found your blog from another blogger that follows you. I just started my first Donor Egg IVF cycle and I know what a “let down” everything fertility could be. Not sure what state you are from but NY provides a grant toward IVF and Egg donor IVF for qualified couples. Also, you probably know this but SART.ORG provides you with national clinic success rates. – http://sart.org/. All the best and stay strong.


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