Friday, March 11, 2011

My cycles have always been regular.  At least, as long as I’m not on birth control, but that’s another story.  The whole time we were trying to get pregnant, my cycles were 24 days.  Every once in a while I might make it to 25, but not often.  After we gave up trying, I went back on birth control for a little while, but decided to stop because I didn’t like the unpredictability of not knowing when my period was going to come.  Since I stopped taking the birth control – a little less than a year ago – my cycles have been getting longer and longer.  I just finished a 31 day cycle – completely unheard of for me.

And I hate it.  I hate that I get to the point where I’m actually contemplating buying a pregnancy test, “just to make sure” I’m not pregnant.  I hate getting sucked into all of the emotions that go along with that.  And I hate that I have no idea what’s going on with my body.

I can’t figure out why my cycles are all of a sudden so irregular.  I’m not experiencing any large amount of stress, and it has been almost a year since I stopped taking birth control.  I can’t figure out any other reason for the change.  My fear is that I’m heading toward premature ovarian failure, or something.  My FSH *was* 14.4 two three years ago.  What if….?  But I know that I’m not likely experiencing premature ovarian failure either.

Does anyone have any wisdom or advice?


One comment

  1. My FSH was 12.3 in early 2008. I just had an IVF cycle that yielded 19 eggs. I’m 33.

    When I went off of birth control seven years ago it took my body one year to get regular cycles. My girlfriend is experiencing the same. Her cycles started normal, then went crazy (like 50 days!!?) now they are going back down, but not to where they were.


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