Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I’m still having horrible cramps, which seem to be getting worse, and I really don’t want to continue with the birth control pills.  So, since I’m not working now and don’t have much to do anyway, I decided I’m going to go in for a lap.  It’s on 6/30.  Maybe they’ll find some endometriosis and get rid of it and that will help with the cramps?  Hopefully…

I’m a little nervous about it.  I’ve had surgery before, but not since I was about 8 (?), and I don’t remember much of it.  (I had my tonsils taken out and all I remember is getting paid a nickel for every sip of juice that I took.)  Can anyone who has had a lap done tell me what I should expect?  Especially what I should expect after the surgery?  I can be kind of a wimp when it comes to pain.

Kind of funny that I’m doing this after we’ve stopped trying to get pregnant.  Too bad getting rid of endo can’t fix our dismal sperm count.  Or my FSH.


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  1. I had one done in 2008. I was really nervous too but it was not a big deal. I was up and moving in 2 days and back to work not to long after. The worst part was that they use a contraption on your stomach muscles so I couldn’t really use them at all. Oh, I guess the other part is the gas. They fill you up with gas and it has to exit some how. I had bad shoulder pain. Don’t let anyone make you laugh! It was out of my system by the next day. I have a tiny scar in my belly button that you can’t really see and one very “low” that you can’t really see.
    Good Luck.

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