Work problems

Friday, January 8, 2010

I just got my yearly performance evaluation at work.  I’m getting in trouble for low productivity during the last year.  My life fell apart last December, when we decided to give up on trying to get pregnant, and it took a while to pick up the pieces (go figure).  And I was going through pretty severe depression for most of the summer and early fall.

Gee… I wonder why my productivity was low…

Too bad those things don’t really count for anything when it comes to performance evaluations.



  1. Ick, I’m sorry.

  2. Sorry, sweetie. When we are so overwhelmed with all of this, there are times when something just has to give. It may not be factored in to your performance, but screw it. You had a rough year and you made it through. Priority number one.

  3. If I wasn’t self employed I would have been fired back in 2007.

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