Ready… Set… Wait.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something came up last week, and now we’re on hold for foster care again.  We should be able to get back on “the list” sometime in the middle of January, so it’s not too bad, but still…  It’s always something, isn’t it?  This whole journey has been like this, I almost expect it now.

March, 2006: Finally start trying; I had been waiting and waiting for my husband to agree to it.

January, 2007: Visit Ob/Gyn and get a referral for the fertility clinic (it hadn’t been 12 whole months of TTC, but it was 12 cycles).  Wait until March, 2007 before we can actually get into the orientation to start with the RE.

March and April, 2007: Go through basic testing and wait for that first appointment to get the results back.

July – October, 2007:  Wait to see if clomid will help increase my husband’s sperm count.  Then wait for an appointment with the urologist in November.

November, 2007 – March, 2008: Wait to save up money for IVF.  I asked to get FSH tested in March…

March – May, 2008: Get back FSH results; wait to repeat the test in April; wait to do the clomid challenge test in May; wait to talk with RE about “options”.  (This was probably the worst waiting period out of our journey so far.)

June – December, 2008:  Wait to save up money for IVF.  With extra pressure to do it soon.

February – July, 2009: Wait to buy a house and move (I didn’t want to get licensed, move, and have to go through the whole home inspection all over again.)

August – November, 2009: Submit foster care application; wait to get licensed.

And now we wait again.  It feels like every step forward we take is followed by a waiting period, but I guess that’s true for so much of infertility.  Kind of Really sucks.  And I know that once we’re back on “the list” in January, we’re still going to have to wait to get “the call”.  But at least I’ll feel like I’m moving forward again.  Instead of stuck.

What’s the worst waiting period you’ve had to go through?



  1. We just submitted our foster care paperwork/application last night. We were told that we won’t hear anything for two weeks. That just sucks. I hate waiting. It’s not the worst wait I have ever had…that was probably waiting for DH to propose….I knew it was coming, but didn’t have details.

    Good luck with this next wait. There does seem to be a lot of waiting involved with all of this!

  2. The old IF “hurry up and wait” game. You have had some real doozies and I’m sorry you are in another wait again.

    I’d have to say my worst wait is the one I’m in now. Not sure what we are even waiting for and no clue how long it will take…

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