Oh yeah . . . I got tagged

Friday, May 9, 2008

Excuse my spaciness, I almost forgot, I got tagged by Lost in Space.  I can use a distraction right now too, so here goes.

4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998 )

  1. At the beginning of the year I was living in Istanbul, Turkey.  I lived there for 5 months (9/97-2/98).  I was there as a nanny for a family I babysat for ALL the time in high school.  They moved to Turkey due to a job change and about a year later I went to help out with the kids.  (Actually- the family is one of those “Just adopt and you’ll get pregnant” stories.  The older two kids were adopted and not long after they adopted the second one they were pregnant with #3.)  It was a great experience for me, I had just finished high school and was planning to go to college in the same town I grew up in.  I think the five months in Turkey helped differentiate my high school life and my “adult” college life.  For my last week there, my mom flew over to visit and I got to take her around to see all of the sites and show her everything. 
  2. I “officially” started college.  I’m kind of a nerd, so during my senior year of high school I had four classes at the high school and two classes at the university.  But in 1998 I was officially a college freshman.  Of course I was only there for the spring quarter of that year, but with the units I got in high school and a few AP units, I actually finished the school year as a sophomore.
  3. I moved out of my parents’ home.  And into an apartment with four friends.  One that I grew up with, two that I knew really well from church, and the last one who had been a previous roommate of one of the other girls.  We had a lot of fun together and got along with each other really well. 
  4. The move from my parents’ house (not a very safe place) into a home with friends I knew really well (very safe) had some unexpected emotional consequences though.  All of the feelings that I had been stuffing and avoiding for my whole life decided it would be a good time to come out.  I had almost no ability to deal with all of the overwhelming emotions and by the end of 1998 I was at the beginnings of my severe depression.  Not fun at the time, but something that needed to happen I guess.

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003)

  1. Started dating my husband.  We were both working at a group home, although in different houses.  I worked one night with him when he first started there and was amazed by how easy he was to talk to.  Usually I would hardly talk at all with the people I worked with, and he and I talked ALL night.  After that first night one of the other ladies who worked there kept telling me that my (future) husband told her I was exactly the kind of woman he would want to marry.  One morning he called the house I was working in to ask a quick question and we got to talking.  He accidentally blurted out, “Would you want to go to a movie with me sometime?”  And that was how “we” began.
  2. Finished a quilt for the first time.  I am really good at starting things, not so good at finishing them.  But, for the first time, I actually finished a quilt.  I gave it to my (future) husband as a Christmas present.  It’s on our bed right now. 🙂
  3. Dissected a sheep brain.  Yep.  A real sheep brain.  It was the lab for my Cognitive Neuroscience class (I told you I’m a nerd).  I was very proud of myself for making it through that class- I’m a little squeamish.  I actually still have the lab book as “proof” of my accomplishment.  I think I also made it through organic chemistry in 2003, another major accomplishment (and yes, I still have the textbook from that class too).
  4. Discovered Lithium.  I’m not sure how many antidepressants I had tried at that point, and how many combinations I had been on (probably 15-20), but medication did not help me very much or very consistently.  My mood would drop from mildly depressed to severely depressed every couple of months.  I started taking Lithium (along with whatever else I was taking at that time) and amazingly enough it helped.  I was still mildly depressed, but I didn’t have the major drops in mood all of the time. 

4 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Took my last dose of clomid.  EVER. 
  2. Accomplished almost nothing at work because I was so spacey.
  3. Had to get a ride to and from work, for the third day in a row (have I mentioned how fabulous my supervisor is?  She drove me all week!)
  4. Had my RE and his nurse concerned about my “unusual” side effects from the clomid.  (Sorry, I’ve been a walking zombie all week, I really haven’t done anything interesting)

4 Shows I Love to Watch

  1. CSI.  Preferably Las Vegas.  But the others will do in a pinch.
  2. Crossing Jordon.  It’s not on any more, but it used to be my favorite.
  3. Hannah Montana.  I know, go ahead and laugh.  But sometimes I really need that stupid, innocent humor, and a show where all of life’s problems get solved in half an hour.  It’s one of my coping skills.
  4. Smallville.  I’m not quite as into it as I used to be, but it’s one of my husband’s favorite shows and we always watch it together.

4 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Cuddling in bed with my husband.  It’s my favorite place to be.
  2. My baby kitty.  She always makes me smile and laugh.  And she makes me feel loved.
  3. My job.  I love feeling like maybe I’m making a difference in someone’s life.
  4. Hot showers.  I LOVE taking hot showers.  I just love the sensation of having hot water on my skin.     

So now I have to tag 4 more people.  Let’s see, I have to figure out who hasn’t been tagged yet . . . Dee, Freyja, Lissa, and Hummingbird.  (Hopefully none of you have been tagged yet!)


One comment

  1. Your Turkey adventure sounds so cool!

    ((Hugs)) on battling such major depression for so long. You are an incredible and very strong woman and you should be very proud of yourself for tackling this beast head on.

    Sorry that Clomid has been so sucky for you. I hope it is out of your system soon.

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