FSH results

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog post #3 for today.  About 30 seconds after I posted the last one I got an email telling me my lab results were posted.

So, day 3 estradiol was 27, FSH was 11.2.  Day 10 estradiol was 305, FSH was 10.2?  I’m guessing it’s good that day 10 FSH wasn’t through the roof, but not so good that I’m still over 10.  I’ll see what the RE says . . .



  1. This sounds like great news. I can’t wait to hear what your RE has to say. I have never done the CCT and based on your experience I don’t think I want to. Huge ((hugs)).

  2. Thanks for the comment, it is good to meet you! I have been catching up on your blog and it is amazing how much us IF’ers have in common. Unwanted advice from everyone? Check. Difficult to be around people announcing their fourth pregnancy? Check. Discussing your reproductive cycle in the middle of the store? Check.

    My doc started my on Femara, because she didn’t like the side effects of Clomid. Maybe that will be an option for you?

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