Tough decision

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My “almost” depression turned into full-on depression and the last couple weeks have been pretty bad.  I’ve been making it to work but that’s about it.  I think I’m starting to feel a little better, I’ve been up at least part of the time, but I’m still “depressed” at least half of the time.

I started a new cycle last Wednesday, which means I’m supposed to start clomid tomorrow for my clomid challenge test.  My day 3 FSH came back at 11.1, E2 was 27.  I guess we’ll see how high my FSH is after 5 days of clomid.  The 11 pretty much confirmed that my FSH is higher than it should be though.  I just barely turned 29- I’m not *supposed* to be racing against my “biological clock” yet!  It’s kind of funny, I thought I would be okay with getting another high FSH number, it shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, right?  But I still cried for a good hour today when I got the results back.

The decision I have to make is whether or not we should do IUI this cycle.  This is the first cycle we’ve even had the option, and I do feel kind of like we’re racing against time.  But doing IUI means stopping one of my medications during the “2 week wait” and seriously considering discontinuing another medication.  And I have this nagging feeling that the responsible thing to do would be to wait a cycle for IUI and NOT stop taking medication when I’m just barely coming out of a depressive episode.  I still have a week or two to decide.  Maybe I’ll be feeling 100% better by then and it won’t be an issue.


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  1. I have never done the clomid challenge test, but my highest FSH was also 11.1 unmedicated. The IUI decision is a tough one. If you’re not ready to stop the meds, then it makes sense to let it go this month. I know how hard it is to skip a treatment when you have been waiting so long already. I hope you are feeling better and can still move forward. ((Hugs))

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