It’s good news, but a little scary

Friday, April 11, 2008

Back from the RE.  And we have a plan.  A plan that requires action (unlike all of our previous plans which have involved sitting and waiting).  And I even impressed the RE with all of my knowledge gained from hours online. 🙂

Even though the second time I had my FSH tested it came back more normal, a lot of the time the higher number indicates how well someone responds to medication.  So next cycle I’m doing a clomid challenge test to see how my FSH levels respond to that.  If the numbers come back high then we’ll move onto injectibles.

Due to the recent increase in sperm, next cycle we are also going to try IUI.  And if the numbers keep coming back okay I guess we’ll go with that for a little while (with or without injectibles).  That’s the scary part.  Am I really ready to jump full force back onto the roller coaster?  Especially on clomid??  Even though the waiting is hard, at least it’s predictable.  We’ve literally been on hold for the last year, it’s a little strange actually getting ready to do something that could potentially end in a pregnancy. 

I’m still trying not to place too much hope in this, but I know that’s going to be impossible to do once we get going (I haven’t had to deal with a terrible “two week wait” in forever either).  I’m sure the rest of this cycle is going to seem like forever too.  We’ll see . . .



  1. I’m so happy things went so well today! I know it is scary to jump back in, but you have a real shot at this working. I share your fear of hope, but without it we are done. It’s scary and exciting all in one!

  2. Hello there –
    My DH also had low counts initially – 2Mil and 10% motility. Urologist said it was due to a varicocele (varicose vein) in his testicles. Surgery corrects the counts only in about 30% of the cases. Our RE offered him Proxeed which is a dietary supplement he mixes in his drink twice a day. We had our 2nd IUI yesterday and his count for the sample was 16 Mil and 55% motility!
    There is hope for MF!! Good luck to you!

  3. I’m delighted to read this.

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