It’s a miracle!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I actually just got some (relatively) good news related to our infertility problems.  The first good news we’ve had for a while.

Got the results back from the semen analysis my husband did a couple days ago.  He actually had a count of 16.2 million/ml!!!  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but his highest count previously was a whopping 5 million/ml (with 10% motility).  Total motile sperm for this most recent test (rapid and slow) was 9.72 million.  Semen analysis #1 had 0.5 million, #2 had 1.35 million, and #3 (which was after 3 1/2 months of clomid) had 1.5 million.  So 9.72 million is a HUGE improvement!  It *might* actually give us enough that we could try IUI.  Which means when I do a trial cycle to see how I respond to meds we can maybe do IUI at the same time and it won’t be a complete waste.

My husband hasn’t taken clomid in about 2 months, but I’m going to make sure he gets put back on it.  And I’m going to make him start taking vitamins too.  And maybe we can actually start actively TTC again while we save up to do IVF (if we end up needing it).  I’m not really counting on having any luck with IUI, but even if we don’t I think I’ll feel better knowing that we’re at least doing something.

16.2!!  I’m still amazed!



  1. WooHoo! I love these kind of victories!!! What a big difference in the numbers. I hope an IUI (and a BFP) are in your near future. So glad you got some good news!!

  2. That is fantastic news!! I am so excited for you–hoping that the IUI is a definite possibility!

  3. Congrats on the numbers! Very exciting.

  4. Oh, that’s encouraging! My husband’s been on supplements for the past few months, and I’m hoping they might help some, though I’d be shocked to see the improvement your husband’s seen. That’s just great!

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